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Brian Sims, Pennsylvania Lawmaker, Silenced On DOMA By Colleagues Citing ‘God’s Law’

This was a stunningly tyrannic move by Metcalfe and other unnamed republicans.

“The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable rights of man, and every citizen may freely speak, write and print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.” – Pennsylvania Constitution

Not only was this suppression of a constitutional right, but by silencing an elected representative of the citizenry they silenced all the people represented by those who were silenced directly.

Furthermore, the republicans refused to allow the public record to identify them. They don’t want to be held responsible for their assault on free speech and representational government. They don’t want people to know.

This would be bad enough if it was an isolated incident, but it’s not. All around the country, republicans are putting their ideology ahead of their constituency and the country.
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