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Missouri Billboard Links Obama To Hitler, Socialism

Ten years ago, I had no idea there was so much hate and prejudice still infecting our country. It was easy to ignore the fringe when it lurked in the shadows. The only thing I was concerned about was the rise of cult Christianity. But for the last ten years the GOP has been using disinformation, fear, and prejudice to build a base of support their policies do not justify.

They have created an atmosphere of bigotry, mob rule, and political vigilantism that thrives on a shallow understanding of the law and the Constitution. They have brought the fringe elements into the open and given them a sense of empowerment, all for the sake of their own political power.

They are losing control of the mob they created, and losing control to them.
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King Killers: The Art of Personal and Political Assassination

It is easy to tear down when you have no facts to confine you, no honor to dissuade you.

It is far harder to build than destroy, and more so when facing a gauntlet of hostility.
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