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Mike Huckabee Talks Smack about Public Servants

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I think that the article missed the bigger story completely.

“Employees within the government always believe that it’s about more, more, more. It’s the number one word in any type of government bureaucracy.”

This is a fallacy of hasty generalization designed to demonize public employees. For some, “more” may mean meritocracy at work. For others, “more” may mean compensating for unfunded mandates.

“Every American business and every American family has had to make deep cuts in what they do. It is asking the government to do what they have been forcing on families and businesses.”

This is a fallacy of false cause designed to demonize government. It is also a straw man argument blaming the consequences of private sector corruption and failure on the government.

The biggest fallacy of all is in comparing the government to families or businesses. All three have different responsibilities, authorities, resources, and limitations. All three have different roles in society, and cannot be directly compared this way.

Huckabee Inadvertently Acknowledges Spending Cuts Will Cost Jobs

Is that all you read between the lines? Eternal vigilance, people.

Huckabee Inadvertently Acknowledges Spending Cuts Will Cost Jobs (VIDEO)

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Right Nation 2010 In Chicago: Glenn Beck Headlines, Journalists Not Invited (VIDEO)

Fear-mongering seems to be what passes for honor in his world. The free press, as the eyes of the people, is critical to a healthy democracy – what we are seeing here more closely resembles a conspiracy. I call them Fifth-Column Republicans.

We have a clear choice here:
Fiscal conservatives would have us submit to the power of money and the authority of unelected officials – Corporatocracy – under the baseless belief that, without government, problems will fix themselves. This is the path of taxation without representation.

Social conservatives would have us submit to their fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible, in defiance of the Constitution and the core principle of our founding – the “Great Experiment” – that people could govern themselves well, independent of king or clergy. They believe they have a divine right to rule the rest of us. They do not. I call them The Religious Reich.

The Tea Party is driven by emotion, easily manipulated. I name them Political Vigilantes. They want to “take back” their country without understanding what that truly means. You cannot solve a three-dimensional problem with one-dimensional thinking, but they have been kept focused on the one dimension and do not perceive where their actions could lead. The freedom they seek, they instead surrender to Corporate America – which will disavow their support and betray their hopes. Caveat Emptor.

Then there are the Democrats, who have been demonized for doing what they were elected to do: make the hard choices – albeit clumsily and inefficiently.
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DGA Files Complaint Against Fox News For Illegal Contribution To GOP Candidate

Broadcast networks have obligations under the “public interest, convenience and necessity” doctrine that include journalistic integrity in the news. This comes with the license for using the public airwaves. Cable networks are not bound by the same doctrine because they do not broadcast over the air.

As far as I can tell, the “Fox News” logo flashes on screen during all the Fox political opinion shows, including “The O’Reilly Factor”.

While I think that the Fox News Network is a mockery of broadcast journalism, I think this complaint is a little thin. Now that I have looked deeper, this was as much a fundraiser as an interview – and that’s just plain wrong. Soliciting funds has nothing to do with journalism, and the Fox viewers need that made clear to them.

Displaying a URL follows directly from displaying telephone numbers, and should be judged accordingly. The national culture is shifting to the presumption that everyone has access to the Internet, which is still a disenfranchising attitude toward those who don’t. But it is cost-effective.

I am more also concerned with their misuse of the news logo on the opinion shows, and a market-driven news model that panders to the views of the audience instead of informing them.

Democracy depends on a well-informed public, and market-driven news fails to support that.

Democracy is one thing that cannot be privatized.



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