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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the GOP

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The GPO (Government Printing Office) is launching a new system for online documents called FDsys (Federal Digital System). In the process of updating my links, I browsed some of the Bills submitted in the House and Senate. This made me realize that it is time to begin putting these bills under the microscope.

I like to use TOMAS at the Library of Congress too. It can be easier to find some information on bills.

This page is a lightly annotated bibliography of posts I write covering the exploits of the 112th Congress and the GOP.


112th Congress HR 2 – Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act

Irrespective of the merits of H. R. 2, the language of the bill reads like something scrawled on a napkin on the way to class. There is no attempt to explain or justify the bill, or explain how to unwind the effects of the law it seeks to repeal.

112th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 2

112th Congress H. Con. Res. 1 – Assembling Congress at a place outside the District of Columbia

There does not seem to be any reason for this, and, considering the budget deficit problem, it seems like the worst time to take Congress on the road. I shudder at the cost.

112th Congress, H. Con. Res. 1

112th Congress H. R. 1255 – Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011

With two unconstitutional provisions, a poison pill, and a ticking time bomb, this cannot be seen as a serious bill written by responsible people. It can only be seen as a propaganda tool to be used against the unwary.

Library of Congress 112hr1255

112th Congress H. R. 2417 – Better Use of Light Bulbs Act

With a section seemingly devoted to complicating the United States Code, a section that is so out-of-date as to be counter-productive, and a section that does nothing but restrict the regulatory authority of state government, this is just an exercise in adrenaline-powered ideological posturing with a $6B negative stimulus price tag.

Library of Congress 112hr2417


87th Legislature, HF264 – The Cheeseburger Bill

If this bill were addressing an actual problem, I would give it due consideration. All things considered, this bill would bloat the state code for purely ideological reasons – a hallmark of bad government.

H.F. No. 264, as introduced – 87th Legislative Session (2011-2012) Posted on Jan 31, 2011


2011 Wis SJR10  – Continuity of state and local government operations

This is a proposed amendment to the Wisconsin Constitution. It gives no reason for the change, no claim of need, no purpose, no justification. Yet the scope of the authority and potential for abuse are enormous.


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