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Brian Sims, Pennsylvania Lawmaker, Silenced On DOMA By Colleagues Citing ‘God’s Law’

This was a stunningly tyrannic move by Metcalfe and other unnamed republicans.

“The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable rights of man, and every citizen may freely speak, write and print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.” – Pennsylvania Constitution

Not only was this suppression of a constitutional right, but by silencing an elected representative of the citizenry they silenced all the people represented by those who were silenced directly.

Furthermore, the republicans refused to allow the public record to identify them. They don’t want to be held responsible for their assault on free speech and representational government. They don’t want people to know.

This would be bad enough if it was an isolated incident, but it’s not. All around the country, republicans are putting their ideology ahead of their constituency and the country.
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Georgia Legislators Want To Change 17th Amendment, End U.S. Senate Elections

In 2012, republicans controlled both chambers of the Minnesota state legislature and Amy Klobuchar, arguably the most popular Senator in Congress, was up for re-election.

She won by a 2-1 margin, a landslide by any measure.

The Democrats took back both chambers of the state legislature.

If the 17th Amendment had been repealed, Sen. Klobuchar would have been replaced by a far-right no-name they pulled off the republican bus.

This is NOT about “original intent”, but it could be about state control – though not citizen control.

Republicans control a majority of the state legislatures. This would automatically give them control of the Senate on an indefinite basis.

Just as strategic gerrymandering may have given them indefinite control of the House.

Just as strategic redefinition of how Electors are assigned could give them indefinite control of the White House.

Just as voter ID laws give them an advantage in the voting booth.

It is about creating minority rule.
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Nobody Should Need A Driver’s License – Or Civilization

Bobby Franklin and driver's licenseRepublican Georgia state legislator Bobby Franklin thinks that driver’s licenses impose undue restrictions on the right of citizens to travel. So he’s proposed legislation to stop the state from issuing them.

That’s not the only eyebrow raising legislation Franklin has introduced: he’s also proposed bills requiring the exclusive use of gold and silver as tender in payment of debts by or to the state; a bill seeking to eliminate crop management regulations; another bill banning forced vaccinations; a bill to stop the collection of the Georgia income tax; another to stop all property taxes and yet another to end eminent domain.

He has also sought to abolish the State Road and Tollway Authority, the Department of Health and Human Services and any social services Georgia provides.

In one bill that reads as his philosophical statement on the roots of government, Franklin laments the fall of religious and family authority. The bill — called the “Life, Liberty, and Property Restoration Act” — begins by acknowledging the existence of “an almighty, everlasting, creator God, the God of the Bible, the only God there is.” The bill then notes that God created “four, not one spheres of government”: self-government, family government, church government, and finally “the fourth, and least” — civil government.

I think that the last election may have brought batshit conservatism to critical mass.

This guy is in desperate need of deprogramming. He seems to have lost all understanding of how society works. It takes a real conservative to elect someone who has completely abandoned the Constitution even though he had to have sworn allegiance to it before taking his elected office.

His legislation is an insult to the dreams and hard work of the founding fathers, and the sacrifice of all those who gave their lives in the creation and defense if this country.
Georgia Republican: Nobody Should Need A Driver’s License

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Haley Barbour: Republicans Must Realize They Don’t Run Government

Conservati­ves are getting their scapegoats all in a row.

They came up with rationaliz­ations to blame the Democrats for everything bad during Bush43.
Then they convinced a lot of people that the emergency spending was the cause of the recession instead of the response.
Then they managed to convince a lot of people that the debt was more important than the recession, and that we should somehow balance the budget in the middle of a recession.
The real “genius” is where they remove all their big-ticket ideology from the budget conversati­on so that when they wind up doubling the deficit instead of reducing it, they can blame the Democrats for not cutting enough.

The Tea Party will not be amused. Or the liberals, progressiv­es, moderates, …
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Sarah Palin’s Web Video: ‘Mama Grizzlies’ And ‘Pink Elephants’ Preparing to ‘Stampede’ Washington

When she mentioned pit bulls at the 2008 convention, it was only a few days after two pit bulls escaped confinement and attacked a service dog recovering from surgery. The wheelchair-bound owner tried to protect her dog.

When she mentioned “mama grizzlies”, I was reminded that she would rather let polar bears go extinct than accept that global warming exists. Maybe polar bears are socialists.

She will shoot mama wolves from the air so there are more mama moose for her to shoot from the ground. But mama grizzlies make a good sound bite. Just be sure you are not on her endangered species list.

Pink elephants? Does she understand the expression? Or has she picked something new to redefine to suit her own personal agenda?

She does know how to turn politics into a circus.
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Momentum For Senate Filibuster Reform Builds

I can support going back to the days of the talkies, when filibustering meant standing on the floor and proving you resolve in a contest of wills. What we have now is just a cheap gimmick that encourages stagnation and rancorous partisanship.

A tool intended to protect the rights of the minority has been corrupted into a major weapon in the political civil war created by conservatives with an overweening sense of political entitlement.

Instead of being used to form a more perfect union, it is being used to tear that union apart.
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King Killers: The Art of Personal and Political Assassination

It is easy to tear down when you have no facts to confine you, no honor to dissuade you.

It is far harder to build than destroy, and more so when facing a gauntlet of hostility.
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Hello fellow bloggers!

Welcome to my blog!

I am starting to get an idea of what I can do with wordpress, and I hope to get things organized by this weekend.

I will be throwing posts here from other sites, so maintaining coherency should be interesting.

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