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Georgia Legislators Want To Change 17th Amendment, End U.S. Senate Elections

In 2012, republicans controlled both chambers of the Minnesota state legislature and Amy Klobuchar, arguably the most popular Senator in Congress, was up for re-election.

She won by a 2-1 margin, a landslide by any measure.

The Democrats took back both chambers of the state legislature.

If the 17th Amendment had been repealed, Sen. Klobuchar would have been replaced by a far-right no-name they pulled off the republican bus.

This is NOT about “original intent”, but it could be about state control – though not citizen control.

Republicans control a majority of the state legislatures. This would automatically give them control of the Senate on an indefinite basis.

Just as strategic gerrymandering may have given them indefinite control of the House.

Just as strategic redefinition of how Electors are assigned could give them indefinite control of the White House.

Just as voter ID laws give them an advantage in the voting booth.

It is about creating minority rule.
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