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Obama: U.S. Businesses Have Responsibility To Hire American Workers, Pay Decent Wages

Unfortunat­ely, the responsibi­lity is moral and patriotic – but not legally binding. Businesses do not exist to benefit society or fuel the economy. They exist to make money. They have proven that they will not hesitate to poison people or put the country in jeopardy if they can profit from it.

In the end, a country is embodied by it’s citizens. We pay for the profits of businesses­, and for the consequenc­es of their failures. It is because, in the end, the people pay all the bills, because while businesses come and go the people still remain – and must deal with the messes businesses leave behind – that we the people have the real need and moral right to government by, for, and of the people. A government that is the instrument of the people, that offsets the power businesses have over the everyday lives of the people.

Only anarchists­, criminals, and enemies would advocate letting businesses run the country.
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The Chamber of Commerce: Without Shame or Sense

6. Have you voted “yes” on anything in the last two weeks?
7. Have you kicked your dog lately?

Five short, simple, seriously biased questions are about all that most conservatives can handle/write on two hands. Maybe a forearm.

1. Do you believe that our free enterprise system is currently working for America?
2. Do you believe that tax cuts accelerate job creation? Which cuts and how many jobs?
3. Do you think that ending stimulus would negatively impact job creation?
4. Do you think that fiscal responsibility requires that tax cuts be paid for?
5. Do you believe that business owners would rather have temporary tax breaks or customers with disposable income?

6. Do you think that deregulation would improve consumer confidence or public safety?
7. Do you think that ending extended unemployment would improve consumer confidence?
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