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Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran

Angry Lindsey GrahamLadies and Gentlemen, I give you Lindsey Graham: the new face of tyranny.

I wonder how many new terrorists he recruited with his arrogance and big mouth, and how someone with no apparent understanding of the significance of international diplomacy as a major contributor to national security got placed on the committee overseeing the department of homeland security.

Invading Iran was pushed to the edge of the table when Bush used their help to invade Afghanistan. He removed it from the table completely when he decided to invade Iraq instead. President Obama has strengthened the embargo against Iran, but a statement like this from a sitting US Senator could seriously undermine that. It certainly knocks our moral superiority down a peg or two.

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Afghan War’s 9th Anniversary: U.S. Nears Decade Of Fighting

Anniversaries should be for wars of the past, not of the present. The very word “anniversary” proclaims that this war should be over, and has fallen into a special class, like the “cold war” or “war on drugs” or the “war on crime“, a class of war with no well-defined goal.

This is not a “capture the flag” or “king of the hill” scenario. This war cannot be won by capturing a specific place or person, it is a physical manifestation of an ideological war. The path to success in Afghanistan lies even more in the social landscape than the physical.

This war could have been won early, but it was largely abandoned in favor of the side-trip in to Iraq. This bought time for the corruption to work it’s way back in. It bought time for the Taliban to regroup and rebuild. It bought time for doubt and distrust to grow.

Success now is 10 times harder than it would have been 7 years ago. Years of mismanagement and apathy may have left the Democrats with an unwinable war. That is not certain. What is certain is that this is not the war that we started nearly a decade ago. The landscape has changed over the years. The war has morphed into a whole new set of problems.

Pakistan is breaking down, Iran is outwardly defiant but inwardly fractious. Turkey is irritated with us.

The goal is a moving target subject to cultural dynamics.
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