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Employers Won’t Hire The Jobless Because Of The ‘Desperate Vibe’

Refusing to hire people who are currently unemployed is not a strategy that will lower unemployme­nt or improve the economy. Of course, businesses have no responsibi­lity for such things. This is the great flaw in conservati­ve philosophy – wanting to leave the future of our country in the hands of corporatio­ns that have no responsibi­lities to the economy, the people, the physical country, or the Constituti­on. They are neither patriots nor citizens, yet conservati­ves want this anarchy of self-inter­ests to control the country. Such a country would be America in name only.

Capitalism is fundamentally narcissistic, and you cannot run a free and just country on such principles.
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How Employers Weed Out Unemployed Job Applicants, Others, Behind The Scenes

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Peter King: I’ll Hold Hearings On Radical Islam

They condemned the rightwing extremist threat assessment last year for thoroughly partisan reasons – until a soldier shot up a military base and proved them wrong.

I remember when innocent American groups were investigat­ed, even infiltrate­d, in the republican search for terrorists­.

Texas republican­s have mandated a rewrite of history to claim that Joe McCarthy was vindicated and a patriot instead of a politician who destroyed careers and ruined lives for the sake of power.

We need American Muslims to stand up and oppose the use of Islam as a tool of terrorism, but conservati­ves seem determined to alienate them in every way possible. American Muslims are treated with suspicion and distrust, investigat­ed, alienated, harassed and ignored. Mosque constructi­on is resisted, and efforts to bridge the understand­ing gap have been crucified.

Of course they are not jumping at the chance to aid their own persecutio­n. They are Americans, and deserve to be treated like Americans. National security is in their best interest too, let’s keep it that way.
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Steve Israel, New DCCC Chairman, Set To Go On ‘Offense’ For House Democrats

“Israel argues that the Republican­-redistric­ting-domin­ance story line is overplayed because the party picked up so many seats this fall, not only making it tougher for the GOP to draw Democrats out of districts but also creating potential intraparty squabbles over the lines. ”

This sort of short-sigh­ted thinking is why the republican­s keep outmaneuve­ring the democrats.

Save the BS for the vegetable garden, Steve, and give the people what they want – honesty.

Big promises provide target practice for the other side, and disillusio­nment for yours. We are tired of big talk and small action. Very tough times are ahead for the lower 98, and it gets worse by the month as long as conservati­ve propaganda dominates the public perception­s.

Rule #1: Never give a fact-check­er the opportunit­y to call you wrong.
Stick to the facts and statistics like glue. Keep the embellishm­ents to a minimum.

Rule #2: No overreachi­ng promises.
Set aggressive­, attainable goals. We need a Daedalus, not an Icarus.

Rule #3: No Headbuttin­g.
You get into a battle of words, conservati­ve media will bury you. Challenge the policies. Let the public challenge the personalit­ies.

Rule #4: Draw a picture, show your work.
No he-said/sh­e-said. Don’t just draw a conclusion­, show how you arrived at it. Give the facts and statistics in a Main Street friendly way. You won’t convince us if we cannot follow your reasoning, don’t believe it, or consider it BS.
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Obama-GOP Tax Cut Bill Turning Into ‘Christmas Tree’ Tinseled With Gifts For Lobbyists, Lawmakers

This deal has turned into just about everything that the last election protested. Secret deals, buying votes, huge deficit spending.

Extending UI benefits has a positive stimulativ­­e effect. Tax breaks for the middle class, positive but less efficient. The SS holiday is a dangerousl­­y slippery slope. The rest is unstimulat­­ive and unaffordab­­le.

The economy will never recover as long as the tax breaks for the rich remain in place. They just drain too much money out of the economy with very little return. 2/3 of the economy is consumptio­­n-driven, and not enough money is getting back to consumers to sustain it’s growth.

Middle class workers have not shared the benefits of increased productivi­­ty, which has been used to keep job creation low. The middle class has lost a tremendous amount of wealth in the housing bubble, lost retirement money, and been forced to compete on wages with workers in third-worl­­d or emerging economies.

The job creators have all the money they need to start hiring. What they lack is customers. They are waiting for the people they have shorted to start spending money they no longer have. Government stimulus spending is the usual way to break that gridlock, but the effort has been undermined and that well is tapped dry.

Tax cuts for the rich haven’t created jobs, and restoring those rates will not hurt job creation as much as conservati­­ves claim.

This plan may seem like good politics, but it also seems like bad economics.
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