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112th Congress HConRes. 1 – Assembling Congress Outside the District of Columbia

112th Congress, H. Con. Res. 1


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),
That pursuant to clause 4, section 5, article I of the Constitution,
during the One Hundred Twelfth Congress the Speaker of the House and
the Majority Leader of the Senate or their respective designees, acting
jointly after consultation with the Minority Leader of the House and
the Minority Leader of the Senate,

 may notify the Members of the House and the Senate, respectively, to
assemble at a place outside the District of Columbia if, in their
opinion, the public interest shall warrant it.

            Passed the House of Representatives January 5, 2011.



  1st Session

                             H. CON. RES. 1


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Regarding consent to assemble outside the seat of government.


House Concurrent Resolutions (H. Con. Res.) and Senate Concurrent Resolutions (S. Con. Res.) require the approval of both chambers but do not require the signature of the President and do not have the force of law. Concurrent resolutions generally are used to make or amend rules that apply to both chambers.

There does not seem to be any reason for this, and, considering the budget deficit problem, it seems like the worst time to take Congress on the road. I shudder at the cost.

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