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New Figures Detail Depth Of Unemployment Misery, Lower Earnings For All But Super Wealthy

Unemployment woesWe have become a nation divided by ideology. Community vs individualism. Pride and honor vs avarice and power. Perseverance vs instant gratification. Federalism vs Confederacy. Republic vs Corporatocracy.

Capitalism has not only reached across the border, it has straddled it. The economic model of a national economy is fundamentally broken. American workers and American corporations do not function in the same economy. That has to be fixed before we can prosper again.

Capitalism is not a form of government, no matter how many people try to make it one. It is a culture of competing and conflicting self-interests, not leadership. Under the domination of conservatism, we surrendered the initiative to others. The future went from 10 years (Space Race) to 3 months as we became fixated on quarterly profits. Economic myopia.

We need to develop new industries and oil independence, but conservatives resist. For 10 years, we tried the conservative approach in it’s extreme. Environmental law, anti-trust law, regulation, and budgetary restraint were all sacrificed in the name of conservative-style economic growth. And what did we get for it? Private sector job growth in decline for 10 years. Bush43 created only 3m net jobs, the worst performance on record. Wages stagnated, fraud flourished, the economy weakened and inevitably fell into recession.

We have a private sector that cannot get out of it’s own way. Banks rushing to foreclose on properties they cannot prove they have a legal right to foreclose on, using bogus documentation, driving down the value of the property they are ceasing – trampling due process and individual rights in the process.

If we are to recover from this recession, if we are to create meaningful numbers of new jobs, we need new industries and modern infrastructure. We need to recognize the limitations of capitalism, and adapt accordingly.

New Figures Detail Depth Of Unemployment Misery, Lower Earnings For All But Super Wealthy


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Michele Bachmann Raises Record $5.4 Million In Three Months

Her support has nothing to do with her qualifications as a Representative and everything to do with her notoriety. She is a standard-bearer and symbol for the far right, a leader of their extremism and embodiment of their ineffectiveness and irresponsibility in matters of true governance.

She believes that we should be a theocracy, and her success is a testament to the incompatibility of theocracy and democracy. Christian fundamentalist money loves her.

She wants to dismantle government of the people in favor of corporate domination, no matter how irresponsible and destructive that is. Corporate money loves her.

Her district has the highest foreclosure and unemployment rates in the state. Little of her money comes from actual constituents.

She has formed a Tea Party Caucus in the House, and effectively dared republicans to join or else. She is accumulating power without any real accomplishment behind it. She says and does anything for political gain. She is the embodiment of what is wrong with American politics.

Those who vote for her fall into three categories:
1) Those who share her extreme ideology. They will vote for her no matter what.
2) Hardline republicans who vote the party no matter the candidate. Long-time republicans are starting to defect in her case as she becomes too extreme for them to accept anymore.
3) Those who don’t pay attention to politics and just vote the party or the name they remember or the ad they believe. A few facts make all the difference for them.

Michele Bachmann is antithetical to our survival as a country. She is pro-religious persecution and pro-corporatocracy, and anti-everything else.

  • Anti-worker
  • Anti-consumer
  • Anti-environment
  • Anti-freedom of religion other than hers.
  • Anti-civil rights that offend her personal prejudices.

Her economic policies have never worked, even for her, yet she clings to them like stone tablets.

She is exactly the sort of politician that we need to get out of government.

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The End of the Tunnel

Paul Krugman, Laureate of the Sveriges Riksban...

Paul Krugman - Image via Wikipedia

Once again, Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, is looking at the future of his state through the eyes of a gambler. Last time, it was the gaming industry. I guess his plans for building up a tourism economy do not include access to the NYC market. This is an aspect of killing the tunnel that Mr. Krugman did not mention in his article.

He was right to criticize it as thwarting economic stimulus and recovery.

Republicans do not like to pay for anything, no matter how useful. If it had been up to them, we would never have become a world power.
NYT,Paul Krugman: The End of the Tunnel

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Sharron Angle Makes Light Of Media Timidity: ‘If The Press Comes Knocking, Don’t Say Anything’

The Tea Party claimed that Washington was not listening to the people. One primary victory and they fully adopt the founding justification for their party.

They have not yet been elected and they are already turning their backs on the non-sycophant majority of America.

They have already proven they will not build a responsive congress. The good news is that we do not have to throw them out, all we have to do is keep them out.
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Pelosi On Polarization In Congress: ‘After The Elections It Will Be Better’

I have to disagree with Pelosi. I think that the more seats republicans gain, the more they will shift from obstructive to destructive behavior. It is what they have been campaigning on, and is about the only thing they say that I believe.

They will try to institute policies that have already been proven to fail, yet they cling to them like stone tablets.

Their contempt for government demonstrates no inclination to improve anything. Their goal seems to be a return to confederation, where the federal government is impotent and the individual states are too small and weak to contend with Corporate America.

I expect two years of filibusters, poison pills, damaging obstruction, and divisive antagonism. The self-destruction of Congress serves the anti-federalists, but not America.

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Union: China Violating Trade Rules In Clean Energy

Zhuubaajie: You are quite mistaken. As a specific example, Japanese semiconductor manufacturers dumped (sold below cost) memory chips in the US until the American computer memory industry failed. Now we cannot make electronics, including military electronics, without importing memory from Asia. The idea that the market determines the price is only valid when there is fair competition, which does not apply to China. Not just the fabrication, but the design of processors already has one foot out the door. Won’t that be fun when we become nothing more than salesmen in the entire electronics industry.

Nor does your alleged “golden age” hold water. Cheap imports coupled with mega-mergers and job exporting drove a period of stagnant wages that deflated the purchasing power of Main Street and created vulnerability to teaser-rate mortgages and liar loans. It drove home equity loans and high credit card debt that culminated in a national saving rate below $0 in 2006 and economic collapse starting in 2007.

Upward economic mobility has remained below 4% since 1980. Private sector job creation under Bush43 was the worst on record.

The exodus of wealth in the form of massive trade deficits have done more to weaken our economy than even budget deficits. We are well on the way to becoming a third-world economy.

The economic model of a national economy is fundamentally broken. American workers and American corporations do not function in the same economy. That has to be fixed before we can prosper again.
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Jim DeMint: Tea Party Candidates Can Win Midterm Election Races

What gets lost in all the propaganda and political vigilantism is the fact that it is not enough to “throw the bums out.” First, you have to sort out the baby from the bathwater. Second, you have to replace them with competent people or you are just trading gridlock for havoc.

As in the private sector, a strict adherence to seniority perpetuates a “business as usual” mindset that must be replaced with a policy that favors skill, experience, and expertise over stagnation.

Nor is a change of the guard sufficient when the external forces that dominate Congress remain strong. Campaign finance reform and lobbying reform must be achieved before we can expect real change in Washington.

We also need people in the Administration who believe that government has a role in America, that it has responsibilities that private people and private organizations cannot or will not take on, or cannot be trusted with.

Too many people in government want the government to fail, heedless that the country will fail with it. They call themselves “patriots”. I do not.

Government should be no bigger or smaller than the scale of it’s responsibilities. It must be necessary in action and efficient in execution.

The Tea Party is too driven by rage over reason, too narrow of focus, too short of vision. They mean well, but they have been fed a diet of fear and disinformation. This is a bad combination that might likely have disastrous results.
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The Chamber of Commerce: Without Shame or Sense

6. Have you voted “yes” on anything in the last two weeks?
7. Have you kicked your dog lately?

Five short, simple, seriously biased questions are about all that most conservatives can handle/write on two hands. Maybe a forearm.

1. Do you believe that our free enterprise system is currently working for America?
2. Do you believe that tax cuts accelerate job creation? Which cuts and how many jobs?
3. Do you think that ending stimulus would negatively impact job creation?
4. Do you think that fiscal responsibility requires that tax cuts be paid for?
5. Do you believe that business owners would rather have temporary tax breaks or customers with disposable income?

6. Do you think that deregulation would improve consumer confidence or public safety?
7. Do you think that ending extended unemployment would improve consumer confidence?
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10 week to-do list: Your ideas for Obama, Republicans – CNN.com:

(CNN) — Strategists on both sides of the political aisle weighed in this week on what President Obama and Republicans must do before the November midterms to give their parties a boost.





For President Obama:

  1. Govern from the center
  2. Tout the administration’s accomplishments
  3. Rise above the partisan bickering
  4. Shake up the staff
  5. Stay out of local issues

For Republicans:

  1. Steer clear of the far right commentators
  2. Keep religion out of politics
  3. Be conservative, but be bipartisan
  4. Represent your constituents, not your party’s agenda
  5. Tell the voters what will be different if Republicans take power

10 week to-do list: Your ideas for Obama, Republicans

I think that President Obama is already governing from the center – much to the frustration of the Democrats. He has lost 18 months in his forlorn quest for bipartisanship. For the good of the party, he needs to take a step to the left.

He also needs to learn how to better manage the “political bickering” before attempting another intervention, and it is only a matter of time before he will have to intervene again.

Other than that, I strongly endorse these ideas!

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Missouri Billboard Links Obama To Hitler, Socialism

Ten years ago, I had no idea there was so much hate and prejudice still infecting our country. It was easy to ignore the fringe when it lurked in the shadows. The only thing I was concerned about was the rise of cult Christianity. But for the last ten years the GOP has been using disinformation, fear, and prejudice to build a base of support their policies do not justify.

They have created an atmosphere of bigotry, mob rule, and political vigilantism that thrives on a shallow understanding of the law and the Constitution. They have brought the fringe elements into the open and given them a sense of empowerment, all for the sake of their own political power.

They are losing control of the mob they created, and losing control to them.
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