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Allen West, Eat My Shorts

English: Official portrait of US Rep Allen West.My freshman year at college, I lived in the West Quad. When I moved in, the returning residents were displeased with Leon West, who ran the Quad. In defiance, they had hung this big banner from the windows (facing the center of the quad) of one of the houses that said “Leon West, Eat My Shorts!”It was the first thing I ever saw of campus life.

Nearly 40 years later I have long forgotten what the dispute was over, but the memory of that protest banner still remains.

In honor of Allen West, his despicable lies, his deep prejudices, his extremely divisive assertion that liberals should “get the hell out of the United States of America”, and the eternal spirit of protest, I reprise that old cry of defiance:

Allen West, Eat My Shorts!


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