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Lori Klein, Arizona State Senator, Pointed Loaded Gun At Reporter Richard Ruelas’s Chest

Senator Lori Klein holding her .380 Ruger handgun in the Senate members lounge.

Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic - click to read

Oh, look at my cute pink girlie-gun with the laser sights and no safety…w­ha…[bang­]..[thud!] That’s not my fault! I’ve been kinda sorta trained in gun safety, and I didn’t mean to shine the laser in his eye! I couldn’t help it if he flinched and set off the gun! That was his choice. I didn’t force it on him. I have a right to carry a loaded gun, and I’m not forcing that choice on anyone! There are even places where *blind* people can carry guns.

Well, Ms. Klein, a gun is a weapon, not a fashion statement. A gun is made to kill living things. By treating it like an accessory or a conversati­on piece, you make a mockery of the right to bear arms.

You also demonstrat­e how people should have a good reason to be carrying a gun, more than simply to make a political statement or out of paranoia. You have demonstrat­ed a complacent or careless attitude toward guns that will become more common as more people carry for impulsive or frivolous reason. This makes tragedy inevitable­.
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