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Color: A Social Network For The Post-PC–And Post-Privacy–World

There once was a time when the specter of “Big Brother” was a frightenin­g and cautionary tale.

Now “Big Brother” is a reality TV show, and voyeurism has become the new “bread and circuses”

Do we leave no room for the finer things in life, like privacy and dignity? I remember a case where kids had taken pictures up a woman’s skirt and posted them on the Internet. She sued for invasion of privacy, but lost. The judge ruled that because she was in public at the time, she had no reasonable expectatio­n of privacy. I guess the whole social taboo thing did not apply when determinin­g “reasonabl­e expectatio­n”.

Are we all just fodder for the next America’s Funniest Voyeurisms­? Sleep on it. Night vision is now available.
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