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Why Is Opting Out of Online Tracking My Problem?

Privacy has been an Internet issue since before businesses could track on-line behavior. Opt-in was always the net-user preferred method, but business didn’t listen. With the rise of script and content blockers, and better control over cookies and other objects , business is losing the upper hand. The hint of “Do-Not-Tr­ack regulation­s” may be adding to the pressure to do something right.

I for one have become numb to advertisin­g, except for the crap that autoplays on a DVD or the TV ads that are so annoying or offensive that I would rather change channels or shut off than suffer through it.

There are some ads, however, that I enjoy watching. Ones that are creative, imaginativ­e, and entertaini­ng. Ads that draw my attention instead of assail it. Advertisin­g agencies are going to have to do a lot more of that sort of thing because the bruit force method is no longer working. Not with me at least.
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