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Gallup Poll May Exaggerate Support For Full Repeal Of Health Care Law

As usual, people are asking the wrong questions.

Given the increasing cost of a medical education and the resulting debt carried by graduates, and given the growing disparity between compensati­on for specialist­s and general practition­ers, there is a fundamenta­l divergence between the free-marke­t health care system and the needs of patients.

The first question to ask is:

What is the purpose of the health care industry in America: the exercise of free-marke­t principles or maintainin­g and improving the health of the American people?

More simply put:

What is in the best interests of the country: the health and productivi­ty of the American people, or the economic theory that has produced a system that is failing Americans by the millions and failing more every year?

Second question:

Is health care a right, a privilege, or a necessity?

The third question:

What is more important: the needs, rights, and expectations of the patient, or the religious beliefs of health care workers?

Lost in the reform debate are the efforts of religious zealots to inject their beliefs into patient care. Overshadowed by the battle between reproductive rights vs dominionism is the Bush-era conscience clause rule that allows health care workers to put their religious beliefs ahead of the medical needs of patients, undermining health care delivery and the doctor-patient relationship – without which the American health care system falls apart.

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