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Joe Miller Tepid Again With Palin Endorsement, Says She’s Qualified Constitutionally (VIDEO)

Wally the Beerman is Constitutionally qualified to be president. All you need is a pulse and an old birth certificate. Although conservatives seemed to prefer a Panamanian birth certificate to a Hawaiian one.

The real question is if the republicans can field a candidate willing to put the Constitution ahead of the Bible as the highest law of the land. I don’t see that happening. Their religious test is too much a part of the party ideology.

Oops, there goes the Constitution.
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Pelosi On Polarization In Congress: ‘After The Elections It Will Be Better’

I have to disagree with Pelosi. I think that the more seats republicans gain, the more they will shift from obstructive to destructive behavior. It is what they have been campaigning on, and is about the only thing they say that I believe.

They will try to institute policies that have already been proven to fail, yet they cling to them like stone tablets.

Their contempt for government demonstrates no inclination to improve anything. Their goal seems to be a return to confederation, where the federal government is impotent and the individual states are too small and weak to contend with Corporate America.

I expect two years of filibusters, poison pills, damaging obstruction, and divisive antagonism. The self-destruction of Congress serves the anti-federalists, but not America.

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