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Mr. CEO, Can You Spare A Job or a Free Lunch

FDR Memorial Bread Line

FDR Memorial Bread Line - Image via Wikipedia

If there is one thing that the republicans get right, it is that businesses pass their taxes on to the consumer. Consumers pay for the taxes. We pay for the profits and dividends. We pay for the outrageous salaries, extravagant benefits, undeserved bonuses, and golden parachutes. We as consumers, and sometimes as taxpayers, pay for the research and development.

And we pay for the mistakes. We pay for the failures. We pay for the fraud, the tax evasion, the subsidies, the extravagances, and the waste. We pay for the damages – direct, indirect, consequential, collateral, and punitive. We pay for the lawyers that write the incomprehensible and deceptive agreements and fine print. We pay for litigation. We pay a lot for litigation. We supply the funds Wall-Mart uses to litigate their way into communities that do not want them, and we supply the funds those communities use to defend themselves.

We pay for the mega-mergers with lost jobs (never to return) and lost competition. CEOs and stockholders of record profit, but the companies labor under a burden of debt that can be crippling – making it uncompetative.

We pay for cheap imports with lost wealth, lost jobs, and depressed salaries. We pay for off-shored jobs with unemployment and underemployment. The excessive concentration of wealth comes directly from the purchasing power of Main Street, and returns only a “trickle.”

Capitalism is an economic model – not a form of government. Under capitalism, businesses bear no responsibility to society or loyalty to country that is not expressly required by law. Free-market capitalism is asocial at best, and anti-social at worst. There is no responsibility within capitalism to maintaining a viable economy, no intrinsic patriotism obtains.
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