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Obama Wins if GOP Flinches on Marriage

“Republicans demand that judges interpret the Constitution as written, not rewrite it from the bench.”

That’s exactly what liberals and progressives want too. The difference is one of definitions.

Republicans identify a judge whose ruling they do not like as an activist judge.
Democrats define a judge who does not follow proper jurisprudence and judicial restraint as an activist judge.

Judge Walker wrote a decision that respects the law, legal precedent, rules of evidence, and the Constitution. Some would call this sound jurisprudence. Blackwell is not among them.

Simply put, the defense offered by the proponents of prop8 had no basis in credible fact or law. To have ruled in their favor anyway would have been true judicial activism and legislating from the bench, but that is less important to conservatives than a favorable ruling.

The GOP has invested heavily in prejudice and paranoia, and they are having trouble holding the coalition of extremists together. The Constitution is against the Marriage Nazis, as the courts keep demonstrating. Unfortunately, prejudice, blind faith, and conservatism do not lend themselves to self-reflection or self-correction.
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We may be seeing a religion-driven breakdown in rule of law, enabled by political vigilantism.

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