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Is National Opportunity Passing Us By?

Corporate America is an anarchy of competing and conflicting self-interests. They have no intrinsic responsibility to the economy or the country. No inherent patriotism.

It is the responsibility of government to ensure a viable economy (promote the general Welfare), a responsibility that republicans passionately reject.

Globalization has broken the fundamentals of a national economy. By being able to hire freely in a smaller economy, corporations have broken the relationship between employers and the domestic workforce. Even before the recession, the American worker had lost too much bargaining power. Workers do not have the same option to follow jobs across the border.

Free trade, and the trade deficits it fuels, represent a further erosion of American jobs and an exodus of wealth that is not re-invested in the American economy.

Conservative principles have run the economy in an irresponsible and unsustainable manor for far too long, perhaps beyond our ability to recover from.
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