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Call a marriage a marriage already!

Marriage comes in different forms, “Holy Matrimony” is only one. Throughout the history of this country, we have had civil marriages, usually administered by a Justice of the Peace or other public servant.

“Marriage” has been used to refer to “Holy Matrimony” for so long now that devout people have forgotten the difference, and take offense when others claim their rights to “marriage” as if they were making a claim against the devout view of “Holy Matrimony”.

In response to this perceived offense, they have laid claim to exclusive use of the term “marriage”, even beyond the confines of their own religious beliefs. This effort to redefine marriage exclusively in their own terms is an exercise in theocracy that attacks the religious and non-religious rights of others.

Even if stopping the push toward theocracy were the only reason to support gay marriage, it would be enough.

Supreme ‘Double Rainbow’: Two Marriage Equality Rulings Head Toward High Court

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