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Sarah Palin’s Web Video: ‘Mama Grizzlies’ And ‘Pink Elephants’ Preparing to ‘Stampede’ Washington

When she mentioned pit bulls at the 2008 convention, it was only a few days after two pit bulls escaped confinement and attacked a service dog recovering from surgery. The wheelchair-bound owner tried to protect her dog.

When she mentioned “mama grizzlies”, I was reminded that she would rather let polar bears go extinct than accept that global warming exists. Maybe polar bears are socialists.

She will shoot mama wolves from the air so there are more mama moose for her to shoot from the ground. But mama grizzlies make a good sound bite. Just be sure you are not on her endangered species list.

Pink elephants? Does she understand the expression? Or has she picked something new to redefine to suit her own personal agenda?

She does know how to turn politics into a circus.
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