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America needs a challenge for the future

We have become a nation divided by ideology. Community vs individualism. Pride and honor vs avarice and power. Perseverance vs instant gratification. Federalism vs Confederacy.

Capitalism has not only reached across the border, it has straddled it. And in doing so, it has broken the economic model of a national economy. We will not have a stable and prosperous economy until that model is repaired.

Capitalism is not a form of government, no matter how many people try to make it one. It is a culture of conflicting and competing self-interests, not leadership.

When JFK challenged us to go to the moon, he took advantage of the fear of Sputnik, the Cold War, and national pride. And in the process, accelerated R&D advanced subtly significant things like integrated circuits, developed things we now take for granted like Velcro and freeze-dried food – and most importantly, laid the foundation for whole new industries. But that was yesterday. Once we won the space race, enthusiasm diminished. Under the domination of conservatism, we surrendered the initiative to other countries. The future went from 10 years to 3 months as we became fixated on quarterly profits.

We need that leadership again. President Obama has made the call for green industries and oil independence, but has met with conservative resistance. For the past 10 years, we have tried the conservative approach in it’s extreme. Environmental law, anti-trust law, regulation, and budgetary restraint were all sacrificed in the name of economic growth. And what did we get for it? Private sector job growth has been declining for the past 10 years. Bush43 created only 3m net jobs, the worst performance on record. Wages stagnated, fraud flourished, the economy weakened and inevitably fell into recession.

If we are to recover from this recession, if we are to create meaningful numbers of new jobs, we need new industries and modern infrastructure. Building more of the past just didn’t work.



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